What are the rules at the festival?
There are no rules. It’s an anarchist event.
But seriously, there will be no space for all the things we don’t agree, such as xenophobia, racism, nationalism, violence and bla bla bla….
Just be nice and don’t only think about yourself, ok…?

How to get there?

Can I arrive before the festival and/or stay later?
– Yes! We appreciate your visit a lot, of course you can arrive before the fest, meet people, hang out and help us setting everything up! We might even feed you and provide work & entertainment. Even if you arrive a week before, but please, let us know you’re coming. We’ll need a lot of help with cleaning after the event….

What are the conditions in the place?
– We’re setting up a camping place with compost toilets, water points, solar showers. There will be a small open kitchen, where you can boil water for coffee or food.

Can i bring my kid/dog/campervan?

Yes. Yes. Yes. But:
We’re organizing a place for human cubs. Let us know if you need us to take care of your child for some time.
Please take good care of your dog. We’re expecting an army, so think about it. We say no to hippiedogs wandering around eating trash.
There is enough space for up to 10m long trucks. Many of them, so don’t worry.

I have a special diet, will there be food for me available?
We’ll have few food stands runned by our friends. All of them will be VEGAN. Think twice before bringing meat with you to the campsite, dogs might eat it.

Can I make a fire at the camp?
Depending on a weather but rather NOT. Although there will be some designated bonfires if it’s not too dangerous to make them.

If you didn’t find the answer here try asking question via our contact form!

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